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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Bush's Brown-Shirts: BLACKWATER

Private contractors have now become one of the biggest threats to American liberty and the rule of law. Private contractors, who are accountable to no one, are essentially Bush's own Brown Shirts. Their shear number makes them of great concern.

Blackwater is the biggest "private contractor" provider of mercenaries in Iraq. According to one source, the Washington Post estimates there are 100,000 private contractors in Iraq. Estimates of how much they are paid vary, from $700/day to $100,000 per year. These numbers would mean a cost to American taxpayers of $10-25 billion/year (or more). Numerous articles have been written on the subject.

Blackwater boasts that it provides "elite" forces for hire. As most have heard, these private soldiers are not subject to normal military laws and regulations, nor to any sovereign nation's laws. Unlike normal U.S. citizens, it is apparently legal for Blackwater to purchase and own automatic weapons. There are now several accounts of these private soldiers being deployed within the United States, the most notable case being in New Orleans following Katrina. Below is a link to an archived post on Democratic Underground by poster Carbondate titled America's Private Army.

Other links to information on Blackwater (and other contractors) can be found at:

Inside America's Private Army

Warriors for Hire


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Blogger timroth1618 said...

The tight connections between the leadership of Blackwater and the neoconservative is troubling. As Jeremy Scahill points out, Blackwater is eerily simliar to the Praetorian Guards of the Roman Empire. Even more troubling is the intense need for contractors in Iraq. We obviously don't have soliders there currently and we never had enough to begin with. Supplementing this shortfall is definitely not the answer because there is less accountability compared to official United States soldiers. Thankfully it's gotten better thanks to Senator Lindsey Graham who inserted language into the 2007 Defense Authorization Act that placesd contractors under the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ).

You should check out this interesting article in the Nation by the Jeremy Scahill I mentioned above. He recently wrote a book about Blackwater.

Bush's Private Army

10:08 PM  
Anonymous james wilkins said...

they are simply a private company providing a private military force for hire. I suspect this worries people when our government starts to contract out paramilitary forces even thought they are not associated with a political party, unless the war party counts.If anything we have learned from the past few years is that NEVER ever ever ever never ever give Bush one iota of a chance to further his ambitions, because not only will he take it, he will pull a Forest Gump and keep running out of the stadium with it
james wilkins

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