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The author is a physician by profession, and a "student economist" by necessity. The current status of our economy necessitates the latter. The intent of this blog is to explain and discuss economics in layman terms. It is designed to promote thought and discussion. It is written by a layman. Comments and critiques of these theories and letters are welcome and ENCOURAGED. Dissenting comments are also WELCOME! They form the basis for discussion.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Market Ticker: Articles of Impeachment? Bear Stearns Buyout Illegal?

Market Ticker: Articles of Impeachment? Bear Stearns Buyout Illegal?


Blogger james pandreson said...

The progressive wing of the House Democratic caucus reacted angrily Thursday evening to the news that Barack Obama opposes attempts to add bankruptcy reform to the Wall Street bailout bill. A large block of Democrats is seeking to add a provision.

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