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Sunday, December 26, 2004

US Labor Dept. Stats






------------------------------------- Feb. --------- Jan. ------------ Feb.---------change:
------------------------------------- 2004 --------- 2005 ----------- 2005 ------- Feb 04- Feb 05
Current dollars--------------- $526.94------ $537.94-------- $532.06----- 1.0
Constant (1982) dollars---- $280.70------ $279.12-------- $275.25---- -2.0

For Feb 2005 thru March 2005 the figures are as follows (There is slight upward revision of Feb 05 wages)

----------------------------------- Mar 04 ------- Feb 05 ----- Mar 05 ----- % change:

Current dollars ------------- $520.59 ---- $534.33 ----- $534.33 ------ 2.6

Constant(1982 dollars ---- $275.74 ---- $276.43 ----- $274.58 ----- -0.4

Also note that inflation-adjusted (or "real" wages) have decreased 1.6 % from Jan 05 thru March 05.

At this rate, real wages will have decreased almost 10% by the end of the year!

Since February of 2004, inflation-adjusted wages have decreased 2%.

This information can be found at::

The message here is that inflation-adjusted weekly earnings have decreased 2.3 % in the last year. That means consumers will have less money to spend. This will decrease demand for goods and services and demand for labor to produce them.



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